Why Join? (WIIFM?)

  • First and foremost: meet a great bunch of fun people who enjoy British cars and the people who own and drive them!!! Share your knowledge and pick their brains.
  • Enjoy a year filled with fantastic driving events and fun activities including Noggin & Natters, tech sessions, and the annual club dinner.
  • Receive our monthly newsletter, Quadriga News, emailed directly to you that is filled with articles and information of past and upcoming events, classified ads, and other articles.
  • You receive a copy of the club directory and a windshield club logo decal.
  • Purchase great looking regalia items at discount prices.
  • Browse our Web site (and maybe see your face or MG).

IT’S CHEAP! Only $25/year


I’m sold. How do I join?

It’s easy!

Register online at


You can pay online with PayPal or select the Invoice Me option to pay by cash or check.

If you’re interested in how the club is run, please have a look at the club’s bylaws

Email Us if you have any questions