Who are we?

North Carolina MG Car ClubWe are a club of over 100 members and their families interested in MGs and the people who own them.

The club is located in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill heart of North Carolina, but members are from all over the North and South Carolina region.



We were originally organized under Affiliation Agreement with the MG Car Club Ltd. of Great Britain over 25 years ago.

While primarily an MG car club, we do have members from other British marques. In the club our members own:

  • 35 – T-Types
  • 20 – MGAs
  • 97 – MGBs
  •   3 – MGCs
  • 17 – Midgets
  •   2 – Magnas
  •   1 – Magnette
  • 15 – Other British Marques

The North Carolina MG Car Club was established:

  • To promote the sport and pastime of motoring in all its branches and, in particular, to further the interests of owners and drivers of MG cars.
  • To promote, organize and hold motorcar events, whether athletic, motoring, or otherwise; to offer prizes and awards in respect thereof; and make such arrangements as may be determined for any such purpose.
  • To extend to owners and drivers of MG cars, and their friends and to all persons interested in motoring activities, the full hospitality, privileges, and conveniences enjoyed in connection with the North Carolina MG Car Club.
  • To maintain relationships, exchange ideas, and otherwise interact with MG Car Clubs through out the world.
  • To sponsor good fellowship, safe driving and courtesy on the road. To promote technical awareness in relation to your vehicles safety and reliability.

If you’re interested in how the club is run, please have a look at the club’s bylaws

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our club or want to find out how to join.